Saturday, February 11, 2012

1988: Chains of Love

Erasure: Chains of Love


In honor of this week's 9th Circuit Court of Appeal ruling that Prop 8 banning gay marriage in California is unconstitutional, and also to credit the state lawmakers of Washington passing a gay marriage bill there, I'm celebrating with a song by Erasure, featuring vocals by gay idol Andy Bell. Darius started the week with a synth pop tune that was heavy on the synth; this one hits the pop a lot harder. And you can dance to it!

Besides having a hit with the original mix, Erasure simultaneously released a raft of remixes, as one does, or at least as one did back in 1988. Phil Legg came up with the Foghorn Mix (a subtle tip to a Warner Brothers cartoon character, see) that I'm sharing today. Dance away, everyone, and hopefully the day will come when no one will try to legislate who you can dance with.

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