Monday, April 9, 2012

The Naughty Bits: In the Middle of the Night

Madness: In the Middle of the Night


Where I live, spring has definitely arrived. The warm weather has definitively arrived, and layers of clothing are disappearing for another six months. So it is that we devote ourselves here at Star Maker Machine to a week of sexual humor. Sex is a subject that people don’t seem much able to sing about with a straight face. So, we will journey through implication and innuendo, metaphors and double entendres, all with a smile on our faces. The week will probably turn R rated fairly soon, but I thought I would start off with a fairly mild example of what may be to come, (ahem).

Madness established themselves immediately as one of the best of the British ska bands with the release of their American debut, One Step Beyond, in 1979. They also demonstrated their dry English wit with the song In the Middle of the Night. Give a listen, and you will see what I mean right away. By way of warning, let me just say that I am still tickled all these years after I first heard this one by the image of trembling undergarments.

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