Thursday, July 12, 2012

Elvis Covers Part 1 : All Shook Up

Suzi Quatro : All Shook Up


In 1973 Suzi Quatro was one of America's most successful exports to the UK. Her debut album is full of heavy glam beats and thick as molasses guitar chords but its biggest attraction is the wailing voice of the young woman in a leather cat suit. Quatro arrived at her concerts on the back of a motorcycle, played the bass, sang about sex and eventually made the unforgettable announcement that she wasn't wearing any underwear under that catsuit.
Among the cuts on the debut album is the single "Can The Can", which went #1 in the UK, Japan and Australia, a UK#3 single called "48 Crash" and "All Shook Up" , the Elvis Presley tune that topped the charts for eight weeks in 1957. The album made less than a dent in the US but, impressed by her version of "All Shook Up",  Elvis himself invited Quatro to Graceland. She declined.

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