Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fresh Starts (Just Like) Starting Over


John Lennon: (Just Like) Starting Over
D'ville: Starting Over

[purchase Lennon version]

I am one of many SMM contributors and vısıtors with progeny who have once agaın “started again” in a new school year. In actual fact, my child has moved on to the next step: looking for a job in the dismal US employment market, having graduated from university. However, as for me – myself – I continue as an educator/teacher, who, like a number of your contributors here, has just “started again”, as we do every year.

When I first acquired this song, it was on a cassette tape. That was nigh on 30 years ago. That media eventually passed away:  I no longer have a viable cassette player, and I suspect that if I did, the actual (physical) tape would be riddled with dropouts – holes in the plastic media itself. Lucky for me (and you), I liked the “album” so much that I re-purchased it as a CD (paying yet again for something I had already bought once!)

What to say about the man (John Lennon)? Time moves on. Would that he were still here with us (as he should have been). His presence and vision would undoubtedly have made the world a better place.

What to say about this song?

When I heard the topic of this week’s postings, I almost immediately called up this song –seemed like a no brainer: Fresh Starts = (Just Like) Starting Over. What remains to be seen as I post this is whether the powers that be will let you hear my posted song.

I am going to duplicate my efforts by posting both the JL original as well as a reasonably close facsimile from SoundCloud. One (if not both) should work for you. Visit SoundCloud for more from the alternate musician(s): D'Ville out of Atlanta (it seems).

As for the song itself: Starting Over … John Lennon was speaking of relationships, not the school year, when he penned this. For him, it was a period of turmoil in his personal relationships. However, the sentiments/issues cut across employment and emotions:

“let’s take a chance …:” Who knows where it will lead? So true of our education as well as our adult dealings with the world.

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