Friday, September 28, 2012

Mixed Formats: A Thousand Curses On Love


 I could have sworn I'd posted something by Baka Beyond sometime in the past, but no…it's not in the labels yet, so this is the first.  I have posted Afro Celt Sound System, though, which offers a similar combination of African and Celtic music. 

Baka Beyond came about in 1992 when musicians Su Hart and Martin Cradock left home for the Cameroons to live with the Baka tribe.  Ten albums later, the blend of (mostly) African and UK musicians is still going strong.  This song is a cover of the Gaelic "Mile Marphaisg Air a Ghaol" (A Thousand Curses on Love), from their East To West release (2002). 

Now, I love Celtic music and I love African music, too, so weaving them together intimately like this, to me, is the utmost brilliance.  And sorry for the YouTube post and not the mp3, but I'm still a little gun-shy these days, and this seems the least likely to bring down the wrath of  Voldemort You-Know Who.

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