Friday, April 19, 2013

Rain: Let It Rain

Eric Clapton: Let it Rain
I may not be of the "Clapton is God" school - but I am not far off. I have gone out of my way/paid big bucks to see him in concert on 3 continents (not because I traveled for the purpose, but because we were in the same place at the same time) - most recently in Istanbul, Turkey, 2011 but also as far back as Blind Faith @ Seattle in '69.

This collection of videos of "Let It Rain" prove that even on his worst day, he is a guitarst "par excellence".
Let it Rain dates back to Clapton's immediate post-Cream days: from the first solo/eponymous album (1970)- more or less the Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett era (just after the Blind Faith days).
Of the set of YouTube videos I am linking to, the Hartford/Youtube version(above) strikes me as the best of the live video Youtube video versions available today, if not the best recording overall. It takes him a few seconds of the solo to get going, but when he hits the higher notes, it's pretty good stuff.

The piano (see minute ~ 1:05 and again ~ 2:09) is the "tinkling sound" of rain itself - in wonderful contrast to the sharper/cutting guitar. The video image may be on the dark side, but the sound is bright.
As for the lyrical value (and I am going back to our recent themes), "The Bard" it's not: (interestingly,  credited to Al Jarreau - remember him?):
Let it rain, let it rain
Let it rain, rain, rain...
Musically, however, would that all rain was this sweet.
Other Youtube versions:
Craig Twister Steward version
Montreaux '96 Phil Collins @ drums
This aint too shabby either!

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