Monday, January 27, 2014

Gravity: Top 5 Gravity Tunes of the Indie 80's

In the 1980's most indie rockers didn't dwell on love songs. To truly provide an alternative to the crap on mainstream radio, they had to sing songs about rain, the elements of earth, wind and fire... and gravity. The natural phenomenon" by which all physical bodies attract each other " was a good metaphor for the subjects of Michael Jackson and Madonna songs, but when indie rockers sang about gravity, it just sounded a whole lot more intelligent.

Here are the top 5 "Gravity" songs from the Indie 80's.

"Gravity is bringing me down..."

#5. New Zealand's Tall Dwarfs with "Gravity" from the Homestead sampler Human Music.

"Gravity blocks my screams..."

#4 Basketball Diaries memoirist Jim Carroll and his band's "Wicked Gravity" from Catholic Boy

"And Gravity don't mean a thing..."

#3. Talking Heads "I Get Wild/ Wild Gravity" from Speaking in Tongues.

"Gravity is pulling me around.."

#2. R.E.M. "Feeling Gravity's Pull" from Fables of the Reconstruction


"You can not move; you can not dance..."

#1 Pylon "Gravity" from Gyrate

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