Friday, March 27, 2015

Brush With Celebrity: Roger Fisher of Heart

   You'd be hard pressed to find any divas in the history of Seattle rock. I can think of two nationally-known singers whose homes smell like wet dogs. Most of our best known indie rockers spent years working alongside each other in Seattle record stores. With barely enough talent to hold a guitar the right way, I've even been invited to jam with guys who have sold millions of records. Once somebody from Seattle begins to take themselves seriously, they're no longer really from Seattle.
   So I don't get starstruck as a rule. 
   And yet.
   When Heart's Roger Fisher demonstrated the riff to "Barracuda", I got chills. This wasn't just noise. It was a slice out of the most impressionable years of my youth. 

   Fisher and his brother Mike were recording the first of four albums that make up their epic One Vision series. Friends say they haven't seen the brothers this excited by a project in nearly 40 years.

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