Sunday, May 1, 2016

Child > Mom: Mother and Child Reunion

purchase Paul Simon's :Mother and Child Reunion

Not too long back, I noted that the Kingston Trio (and others of their ilk such as Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel) helped pave the path to Rock music.

Simon & Garfunkel eventually went their own ways and they both began producing separate/solo works. Garfunkel (with fewer efforts:  apropos our theme: Songs from a Parent to a Child, Watermark ..) And Simon, with Still Crazy After All These Years, There Goes Rhymin' Simon ...)

In among Simon's works is the "solo" <Mother and Child Reunion>. Solo? Yes - in that Garfunkel is no longer his main man. Not so solo in that Simon has lots of help.

Like most any other major musicians from the 60s  still with us (RIP: too many to name), Paul Simon has provided us with an eclectic collection - see Graceland. Occasionally reuniting with Art Garfunkel (See My Little Town).

In the original Paul Simon version of Mother and Child Reunion, the song hints at its reggae roots. In the Marley take here, the reggae is front and foremost. Of course.

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