Saturday, January 13, 2018

In Memoriam: Greg Kihn Band's Steve Wright

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weheartmusic has one of the most extensive lists of musicians who died in ...whatever year. The site goes back a ways and it's worth a visit- very eclectic -music styles all over the place/great resource [I feel like Mr Trump saying so, but this one is not fake news]. Nearly any musician who has made a name of some sort ends up here. Granted, no one could keep up with the list of all musicians, but the site does a commendable job - ranging across the globe. Visiting the site,  you get the impression that any musician tagged by some contributor or other gets researched and listed: if they missed someone, let them know and they'll make amends.

At a rough estimate, the site has more than 30 x 12 entries for (2017 =571). That offers up too many choices for the current theme. Their compilation for 2016 actually had a few more: 603 to 571.
One of their entries for December 2017 is Charles (Charlie) Manson, who apparently aimed for immortality via the rock-star path, but then veered off to other avenues of (in)famy. Not chosen for SMM beyond curious mention.

Little Peep? I acknowledge his impact. Tom Petty? I actually performed his <YouGotLucky> this fall, totally by chance before I heard of his death. Fats Domino? Always in our memory. But the weheartmusic site includes music related names you may know but had not heard had died this year:
⦁    Nat Hentoff (Village Voice [and more] -journalist)
⦁    Anita Pallenberg (Rolling Stones muse [and more])
⦁    J Geils (founder - J Geils Band)
⦁    James Cotton (seminal mouth-harp blues player)
⦁    Tom Edwards (of Adam Ant - edited thanks to Geomel)
⦁    and that's just a few cursory personal interest-related names.

Above, a random choice from their 2017 list - RIP bassist Steve Wright from the Greg Kihn Band.

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