Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Women: Woman/Lennon

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I come from a generation where Lennon/McCartney was impossible to beat: I'm pretty sure the first "Rock 'n Roll" I heard was the Beatles. Must have been '65.

So it was with some dismay that I learned of the Beatles' rancor and breakup around the time of <The White Album>.  But that was combined with an awakening to the fact that the world and relationships include change - as in trips to India that expanded your mind. As in girl friends that are no longer.

By the time of their breakup and Lennon's many year silence - well beyond the <White Album>, I had been enured to the mystique: people do things beyond your control/expectations.
So it was with a fair amount of joy that I went out and bought Double Plastic on cassette tape for my SONY Walkman back in the early 80s. Yes, a legal copy when I could have easily made a copy of the tape.

As for Double Plastic (which I do love), there's an entirely valid argument about whether Yoko Ono deserves credit as a musician (I won't argue "artist", because art is what you define it as)
The album was conceived as a back-and-forth between Lennon and Ono (one song his, one hers), but it is the Lennon songs that stay with me (and none of the Ono)

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