Saturday, January 30, 2021

Over: Move It On Over


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This week SMM's contributing vloggers have done a remarkable job skirting the obvious- we have seen all sorts of <Over>s that remained remarkably apolitic. Kudos to all - Maybe Biden's middle of the road approach will work? 

This song actually has its own Wikipedia page in which we learn that it is considered to be one of the earliest examples of rock and roll. The date? 1947. Note that: the start of Rock is '47.  The page also informs us that another contender for earliest example of rock and roll, Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock, bears several technical similarities.

If you already know about 'Hank" Williams, you are a step ahead of where I was earlier this week. I knew the name, knew he was associated with country and maybe had even once read the story of a life that was over too soon. Not quite a member of the 27 club of musicians, as incidentally was Robert Johnson [see last week], as were Janis, Jimi, Kurt and Jim.

In addition to Williams' original, there are a number of others who have recorded it, including George Thorogood on an album of the same name. That said, for whatever reason, the version that caught my attention before I even learned that it was a Williams original was this one by Willie Nelson. There's something about the story told in the lyrics that just fits what little I know about Nelson. It seems like a song he ought to sing.



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