Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Mr/Ms: He's Misstra Know-It-All


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Is "misstra" a variation on Mr.? - and thus a viable choice for this theme?

The word <misstra> is pretty much undocumented. The intranet provides clues but no real answer:  It appears that Wonder was referencing Nixon (he could as well have been referencing our ex. )

THE internet also tells us that <Misstrah> is likely not "kind" - possibly a mix of "massah" and mister?

"Playin'  hard, talkin; fast ... He's the coolest one with the biggest mouth...and "if we had less of him, don't you know we'd have a better land .."

I guess I've tipped my hand (who plays hard and fast with a big mouth?)

But ... you are here for the music. And so ... Innervisions.

Innervisons, in that Wonder can only see inside? Innervisions, in that we should all be so gifted to see so much inside. Innervisions, in that something awoke inside Stevie Wonder that moved him for the formulaic Motown that I witnessed on stage in Seattle in 1969 as "Little Stevie Wonder". (Admittedly valuable for its time and space) to the post-Innervisions that produced this and his later work.

There are actually several points in the song where Stevie Wonder progressivly amps it up; you can hear the background vocals doing an increasingly urgent "yeah ..yeah" early on, but at about 2:30 we get a major shift that builds to that  point in the song [3:00]  where Stevie Wonder very meaningfully switches/ramps up the tempo to emphasize his point. The tempo seems to jump - and at least the emotion jumps - as we hear the hand claps and "growls" that signal a message change-

Finally he says: "You talk too much, you worry me to death .." Point well made - please, let's move on.

Chuck Schumer's playlist [100 days of tr**] on Spotify includes this song for some reason  (no the reason is clear, me thinks)


and ... James Morrison

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