Monday, March 3, 2008


Neil Young: Crime In The City (Sixty To Zero Part 1)


In an effort to add a bit more continuity to the presentation, Six Songs is going to start having theme weeks. This week's theme: CANADA! We love Canada. Nice people. Trees. Clean cities. Moose. And good music, eh?

All songs this week will be from artists associated with the "Great White North."

The artist looked at the producer
The producer sat back
He said, "What we have got here
Is a perfect track
But we don't have a vocal
And we don't have a song
If we could get these things accomplished
Nothin' else could go wrong."
So he balanced the ashtray
As he picked up the phone
And said, "Send me a songwriter
Who's drifted far from home
And make sure that he's hungry
Make sure he's alone
Send me a cheeseburger
And a new Rolling Stone."



Ramone666 said...

Media player works now, great. Didn´t show yesterday, strange that. Looking forward to see what Canadian stuff you´re going to play this week. Joni probably. Happy Len surely. Nomeansno perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Canada has produced many great artists. After Neil, the next three choices are fairly obvious (you've mentioned two), but have to be included. That leaves two wild card spots (Friday and Saturday). Not sure where to go with those just yet...

buddah2 said...

Rush? Loverboy? Anne Murray?

Paul said...

all possibilities.... Except not Loverboy or Anne Murray.

Anonymous said...

Cowboy Junkies!

Tis my vote anyhow (and I'm half Canadian).

I enjoy your blog ...