Saturday, April 5, 2008

Days Of The Week: Sunday Morning

Margo Guryan: Sunday Morning


The first theme for Star Maker Machine will be Days Of The Week.*

Please submit a favorite song of yours that includes the name of a day of the week in its title.

I've started with a favorite called "Sunday Morning" by Margo Guryan from 1968's Take A Picture. What do you think? If you like it, the whole album is pretty good. She kind of reminds me of a 1960's style Lilly Allen (but a bit more refined).

Looking forward to your submissions...

(*This theme is a tip of the hat to the old version of this blog, called Six Songs.)


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I've noticed of course plenty of possible songs for Friday and Saturday but my choice for Wednesday would be 'Ash Wednesday' by the oft covered, brilliant and underated song-writer
Tom Russell. He certainly deserves more recognition, specially for 'Love and Fear'(which features 'Ash Wednesday') and the astonishing' 'Poor Mans Dream' which featured the classics 'Blue Wing' and 'Veterans Day' amongst others. One of America's greatest songwriters without doubt and as much as I love Dave Alvin's understated versions of Tom Russell's songs in my opinion you can't top the originals for emotion and sheer gut wrenching passion.

Matt said...

Cool tune from an artist I've never heard of before. I like how it's funky, dreamy and anthem-like all at the same time.