Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1984: Thumbelina

The Pretenders: Thumbelina


If you remove the incredibly lame track "Watching The Clothes", The Pretenders' third album, Learning To Crawl, is just about perfect. Rush Limbaugh theme songs notwithstanding, the album has really stood the test of time.

The featured track is Thumbelina, which is one of my favorites. Chrissy and her little daughter are flying west, down the highway.

"The Oklahoma sunrise becomes the Amarillo dawn."


Mario B said...

The intro sounds a lot like Mystery Train (Elvis Presley). This is from my favorite Pretenders album.

Private Beach said...

I read (or saw, can't remember) an interview with Chrissie where she talks about how when someone (can't remember who) died, she took all his clothes out to the launderette and washed them. Maybe "Watching the Clothes" was inspired by that incident, which might make it more meaningful to you.