Friday, July 18, 2008

Heaven Week: Drowning Man

Madelyn Iris: Drowning Man

Purchase: None

I have been AWOL part of this week, which is too bad because I had quite a few really cool songs for this theme. So, now I'm in a mad rush to get a few of them up.

This is a Madelyn Iris cover of an old U2 song. The first 54 seconds is Bono reading a William Butler Yeats poem. I could probably do without that part of the track, but once Madelyn Iris starts singing, it is just a magical and beautiful melody and lyric. The song is sung in first person as if Jesus were speaking to a drowning man. I know that proper etiquette is probably to post the original here too, but I don't want anyone to be tempted to listen to it instead of this cover, so I'm going to break with tradition. I'll put the original in the comments if anyone really wants to hear it.

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