Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heaven Week: Near Wild Heaven

R.E.M.: Near Wild Heaven


At the risk of being the guy who only submits R.E.M. songs… I submit to you another R.E.M. song.

"Near Wild Heaven" comes from 1991's Out of Time and is one of a very few songs in the band's catalogue that features Mike Mills on lead vocals instead of Michael Stipe. In fact, Mills co-wrote the lyrics with Stipe as well. Mills has always been my favorite member of R.E.M., so it's no surprise that I am drawn to this tune.

Musically, the trademark jangle of Peter Buck's Rickenbacker is enhanced by Beach Boy style backing vocals to create a heavenly pop tune. Listen to this track and then ask yourself if it might have been a better choice for a second single ("Losing My Religion" being the first) from Out of Time than "Shiny Happy People."

"When I get to Heaven, the angels will be playing not harps, but Rickenbackers. And they will be playing songs by R.E.M."
~An early review of R.E.M. from New Musical Express Magazine~

Submitted by Nelson

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