Friday, September 26, 2008

The Music Biz: Girlie Action

Momus: Girlie Action


For something different, how about a pro-industry song?
Of course, a song that is basically an advertisement for a company must be complimentary, whether or not it reflects the artist's true sentiments is another question entirely.

Eccentric Scottish artist Momus released a brilliant album entitled "Little Red Songbook" in 1998 that included a song about transexual, and fellow electronic composer, Wendy Carlos. Carlos sued Momus over the song, calling it inflammatory. Momus later won the suit, but not after racking up quite a hefty attorney's bill for his record label. To make it up to them, Momus came up with a genius idea for his next would be an album of commissioned songs. For a brief day, Momus posted that he would write a song for whomever replied first for $1000 each. He was astounded by the quick turn out and had to end the offer after a day, and then ended up with a 2-disc set for the album, which was to be called "Stars Forever". Some of the commissions were from fans, one was for another band (The Minus Five) and others were from businesses/companies within the industry, like Minty Fresh Records, Other Music, Team Clermont and Girlie Music Media Promotions. The album itself is my favorite of his simply because of the unique content and the different styles he took on to make each song and commission its own.

The song I share here is the one he wrote for Girlie Action Promotions. They are a New York City-based media group that has worked with clients such as No Doubt, Morrissey and Elliott Smith.

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