Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Music Biz: Hello It's Me

Fisher: Hello It's Me


Kathy Fisher makes her living mostly by singing in TV commercials these days, though she (and her husband Don Wasserman, who together are simply "Fisher") do make albums of their own still, they make a fairly meager amount of money from it. But in 1997, she thought she had hit the big time. Atlantic Records courted her about putting one of her original songs on the soundtrack to the new adaptation of Great Expectations that featured other well-respected artists like Tori Amos, Iggy Pop and Chris Cornell. Soon there after they forgot all about her, never signing her for a debut, but keeping her tethered for a year all the same.

She later released her own album featuring a song called "Hello It's Me" (not to be confused with the Todd Rundgren tune, though it's probably a bit of a homage considering the content) about the neglect she suffered at the hands of Atlantic Records.

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