Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat: Candy and Razor Blades

Jane Jensen: Candy and Razor Blades

Trick or treat? How about both rolled into one?

What did our mothers tell us every Halloween? Never eat unwrapped candy. Why? Because of the scare of contaminated candies they had whenever and wherever where poisons and razor blades were found in Halloween candy. Of course, this affected only a few people, and supposedly these were not even given by strangers, so the threat was probably minimal, all the same, now it is a lesson every child must hear before heading off to trick or treat every Halloween.

This song isn't about that particular trick, it's just using the idea of candy with razor blades to describe how her feelings for a particular guy feel. He's sweet, but dangerous. It explains the dichotomy of love, how good it can be, but how much it can also hurt. It might taste so good, but at what cost?

Jane Jensen makes electro-punk rock music, this song is no exception. Some know of her because she played Juliet in the cult classic film Tromeo & Juliet, which seems only fitting since she has the looks for the innocent young lover, and yet the personality to handle the absolute absurdity of the low budget pseudo-horror film they created of the Shakespeare classic. I first heard of her through a magazine spread that featured her with a very impressive mohawk, something that catches your eye when the girl wearing it looks like she could be the prom queen.

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