Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat: Lollipop

Ben Kweller: Lollipop


Our theme this week is either-or dichotomy, allowing for the realities of door to door carousing: though I have many more fond memories of proffered candy baskets and miniature, individually-wrapped sweets than I do of haunted houses and neighborhood goofballs opening the door dressed as an axe-murderer, I had my share of scared moments and live worms in the candy bowl as a child, and hope my children will have opportunity for the same this Halloween.

Here's a halloween-appropriate song, given its high kitsch value, and its origin on the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack: a cover of old fifties harmony tune Lollipop from Ben Kweller. Great fifties harmonies, but its still a product of its age, with just the right aura of ragged indiecred when compared to the polished original. Under the fluffy delivery, this has always been a truly sexualized song, presenting a girlfriend as an object to devour and savor, "sweeter than candy on a stick". But then, there's nothing that innocent about Halloween, either, when it comes down to it. Bring on the treats, and the danger of trickery lurking everywhere.

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