Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Mine: For Jack Tymon

Scott Miller & The Commonwealth: For Jack Tymon


Scott Miller's hatred of babies has been well documented over the years. He isn't shy about his views. In fact, you can even buy a "Scott Miller Hates Me" onesie for your kid on Scott's website. Of course, you'll have to find them when they aren't sold out (as they currently are)... they're the best selling piece of merchandise he has.

There is, however, another side to Scott Miller. When one of his best friends had his first child, Scott wrote this song full of well wishes and hopes and dreams for the child's future. It appeared on his 2003 album Upside Downside.

I unknowingly played this song on the air last year on Jack Tymon's birthday. I got a phone call from a family friend who heard the song driving home from Jack's 8th birthday party. As it turns out... his back is straight, and he does have ten fingers.

Just don't start thinking that Scott Miller has softened his stance on babies once you hear this song...

Scott Miller - Hates Babies


LD said...

Nice choice. Scott Miller is da man. Long live the V-Roys!!!