Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Mine: Keeping You

Tanya Donelly: Keeping You


Tanya Donelly is best known as the front-woman for 90's alternative rock group Belly, as well as being a founding member of Throwing Muses and The Breeders. After Belly broke up in the late 90s, Tanya started to make solo records. She has since produced four albums and numerous EPs.

Shortly before the making of her second solo album, Beautysleep, Tanya had her first child, Gracie. The album has a number of songs that relate to this new life venture, but none as overt as "Keeping You". In this song, I hear the new found joy and worries of a woman who has experienced a lot and feels the scars and markings that life and love have left upon her. And now, with all her imperfections, is bringing an innocent new life into the world. A life, that she may have tried to keep away at other times in her life, but that she's finally ready for now. She is welcoming this new being to be a part of her life, flaws and all. She went through a lot of life and love to find herself back in in the role nature intended. Mother.

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