Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anniversaries: We're Stronger Than That

Amy Rigby: We're Stronger Than That

[purchase] (scroll down to Diary of a Mod Housewife...)

What can I say? - I'm on an Amy Rigby kick!

I very humbly state that I know a bit about anniversaries - I've celebrated 32 of them, all for the same occasion and all with the same partner. I have joked from the beginning that my husband and I do our marriage like AA: One Day at a Time - that would be 11,860 days at this point... but who's counting?!?

You know the list of wedding anniversary gift ideas? (i.e., first year paper, 25th year silver, 50th year gold) - we make up our own, depending on how the day/week/year is going: dueling pistols, tattoos, handcuffs... :-)

So... Happy Anniversary to Star Maker Machine! - although I've only been around six of the twelve months and therefore still qualify as being in the newlywed stage, I can very much find similarities to my long-term relationship: respect and listen to the other person, while attempting to be true to your best self. Balance and compromise are key... with a strong foundation of multi-genred music (the new in addition to the familiar) as the soundtrack - chipped and cracked indicates a life well-lived... and well-loved...

P.S. I am also a regular reader of Amy's blog, and her last post was devoted to the recent passing of Duane Jarvis, a musician with whom I was not actively familiar but, upon further research, find that I very much knew his work - another lovely tribute can be found here...

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