Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anniversaries: Happy New Year

Todd Snider: Happy New Year


This tune extends a January 1 wish for happiness... in both a birthday (Country Joe McDonald) and a New Year greeting - along the way, Todd Snider's resolutions segue into a shared treatise of his "evangelical agnostic" leanings...

i don't know what we're doing here

you don't "KNOW" what we're doing here

now christians don't walk out on me just yet

you know whose name i'm yelling as i'm clutching my chest

the one my dad told me to and his told him to

and i probably pray as much or more than you do

believe? shit, every word i sing

but believing and knowing, those are two different things

and if you're trying to change the way a stranger's life will have to go

i believe this is where i wanna stick to what i know

which is nothing you know, nothing for sure

P.S. Todd's new CD, The Excitement Plan, is due to be released on June 9 - you can read more about it here and here...

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