Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rediscovered: Something So Strong

Crowded House: Something So Strong


There was a six month period in my youth where Crowded House's "Something So Strong" was my favorite song. It hit the top 10 rock charts in 1987, which means I was about 8 years old. I thought it was perfect. I loved singing along to it, I remember turning up the volume whenever the video was on Mtv, and I genuinely thought it was brilliant.

Skip ahead ten or twelve years to me in college. I was taking a sociology class and the professor was giving the students extra credit if they wrote a short paper talking about their favorite song and what made it a favorite. Another girl in the class chose a Finn Brothers song. At the time I had never heard of the band and when she read the paper to the class I was surprised to hear it was formed by Neil Finn, the lead singer of Crowded House, whom I hadn't thought of in years. Later that same week their hit song "Don't Dream It's Over" was playing at the grocery store as I was shopping and it was like the album was calling me back to it. All of the sudden "Something So Strong" was back in my consciousness and I had to hear it again.

In the last year, Crowded House has once again emerged in my life as I find friends mentioning them, finding them coming up in music searches, and having heard more of their work elsewhere. All of the sudden I am remembering all the reasons I loved the song and that the band as a whole was a pop band, but singer-songwriters at heart that made really outstanding, fun songs. It was nice that the band found their way back into my collection cosmically.

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