Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rediscovered: One Good Time

Butch Hancock: One Good Time


First of all, welcome to Nicolas, our newest Star Maker Machine contributor - widening the circle lends a fresh perspective and dynamic!

Also, his second post was just the memory jog I needed to transport me right back to the Kerrville Folk Festival in May of 1999 - I attended the long Memorial Day weekend of the 18-day Texas event, discovering so many new-to-me performers...

One of my absolute favorites was Butch Hancock (pre-reunited-Flatlanders), who had the highest per capita heart-hitters for my love-of-language listening ears - I was sitting next to my friend Bob, who remarked that he could always tell when I liked a song (or a line) because "you mmmmm'ed four times during it" (I do admit to having a visceral and involuntary reflex reaction to music... :-)

What's not to adore about this almost-six-minute tour-de-force of a hurts-so-good crash-and-burn?: "she fought a brutal battle with the bottle and it brought a little hardship to her life" and "in the ashes of passion there were splashes of fashion which her witch's broom had brushed" - mmmmmmmmm!

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