Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beatles Covers: I Will

Tuck & Patti: I Will


The Beatles became known for their arrangements and their innovative production techniques, especially in the later phase of their career. But strip all of that away, and you are left with the brilliance of the songwriting. This plays to Tuck & Patti’s strengths. They find the best written songs they can, and arrange them for voice and guitar. That’s it. So naturally, they are drawn to the music of The Beatles. I Will is a fine example of how this works. Aside from a great song, there are two elements that must be present. These spare arrangements leave neither the singer, (Patti Cathcart), or the guitar player, (Tuck Andress), a place to hide. So they must be first rate, and they are. Tuck & Patti give a jazz lilt to everything they do, and it really works here.

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