Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early: In Spite Of All The Danger

The Quarrymen: In Spite Of All The Danger


Sometime in 1957, either in July or sometime in October or November, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lowe and Colin Hanton walked into the small shop and home recording studio of one Percy Phillips at 38 Kensington, Liverpool. With one microphone in the middle of the room they recorded That‘ll Be The Day and a tune written by McCartney and Harrison titled In Spite Of All The Danger. Sung by Lennon this little doo-wop ballad was recorded directly to vinyl in order to save money, avoiding the fee to transfer a master tape to acetate. The original 78 was lost until in 1981 when it was rediscovered by Lowe. The plan to auction it off at Sotheby's changed when McCartney paid him an undisclosed amount of money. McCartney later had 50 copies pressed to give to friends as Christmas presents. Here then is one of the earliest recordings by the Beatles, before they even knew they'd be the Beatles. And in spite of all it's scratchiness, it still leave a great preview of what was yet to come by one of the all time greatest bands in recording history.

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