Friday, November 6, 2009

Cool Kidsongs: The Ballads Of Davy Crockett and Pancho Lopez

The Kentucky Headhunters: The Ballad Of Davy Crockett


When I was a kid many Sunday evenings were spent watching The Wonderful World Of Disney. One of my favorite shows from those days was Davy Crockett. And even though Fess Parker also played Daniel Boone, I always remember him for his portrayal of Crockett. Here's a guy who 'killed him a bar when he was only three'! I always figured I had a lot of catching up to do.

Lalo Guerrero: The Ballad Of Pancho Lopez


Then there's this guy, Pancho Lopez. If there's an antithesis to Davy Crockett it would be Pancho Lopez. Lalo Guerrero recorded this to the tune of Davey Crockett. Unlike Davy, killing bears, Pancho 'could 'eat twelve tacos when he was only three'. I doubt even Davy Crockett could match that! Purchase link is to Guerrero's Myspace page.

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