Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cool Kidsongs: Dino-Soaring

Dirty Sock Funtime Band: Dino-Soaring

Note: Dino-Soaring does not appear to be available on any album. However, you can:

[purchase a selection of music from Jack‘s Big Music Show here]

[or go here to purchase albums by the Dirty Sock Funtime Band]

Our theme, Cool Kidsongs, is deliberately limited to songs that parents can enjoy as well. So that leaves out songs that are cloyingly sweet, or nauseatingly cute, or just downright irritating. And there are far too many of these. So a kid’s show on TV that features a bright blue boy puppet and his best friend, a yellow girl puppet, and his pink puppet dog, would not seem to be a promising source of material.

But the show, Jack’s Big Music Show, deserves a closer look. In one episode, Jack won a visit from the king of swing, who was played by Buddy Guy. In another, Jack broke Mary’s brand new hammered dulcimer (!), and the only way to fix it was to summon the magical Dr. Strings, played by Andrew Bird (!!). Jack’s Big Music Show is a half-hour show intended for preschoolers. To hold their attention, the show is divided into shorter segments. The segments are separated by music videos. The creators of the show put a lot of effort into seeking out the best possible kid’s music artists for these videos. And that is where I first heard of the Dirty Sock Funtime Band, and heard Dino-Soaring.

Kid’s love music with a strong beat. My five year old son loves ska and XTC, as well as more typical kid’s fare. So the ska-ish flavor of Dino-Soaring is right up his alley. Other tunes I have heard by the Dirty Socks do not have so strong a ska flavor, but they still are a lot of fun.

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