Sunday, January 10, 2010

Four-Legged Friends: Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne

Jim Stafford: Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne


This week's theme is something I hold dear to my heart. I've been a dog guy since I was a kid and have never been without at least one. We currently have two.

Jim Stafford's song Spiders And Snakes was a novelty tune from the 70s. It was a pretty good tune at the time but a friend of mine told me to listen to the whole album, that there were a number of other songs on it worth checking out. I took her advice and bought the LP. Turned out she was right, so when Stafford came out with his next album, Not Just Another Pretty Foot, I snapped it right up. Many of my favorite songs by Stafford, though humorous, also have surreal, dreamlike story quality to them. A perfect example would be Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne. Personally I would've thought a bulldog would prefer beer but the song set me straight.

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