Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ten: I Spent My Last $10 (on Birth Control and Beer)

Two Nice Girls: I Spent My Last $10 (on Birth Control and Beer)


To echo Cybill Shepherd's comment at a gay rights rally in Washington in the early-90's: "I'm straight, but I'm not narrow." - one doesn't have to be a lesbian to appreciate this song ("poignant and hilarious", states one of the reviews), and the CD I got it from...

Rewind to the late-90's as I was browsing in a used CD store... and ran across a promo copy of Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us - in perusing the tracklist, I saw Dar Williams' As Cool As I Am, as well as selections by k. d. lang, Janis Ian, Ani Di Franco, Jane Siberry and Ferron (so many of the artists I was recently discovering). I of course read the liner notes (written by Gretchen Phillips) when I got home... and only now realize she was a founding member of Two Nice Girls - notes for Rhino Compilation can be found here...

A bit of delving shows the band broke up in 1992, but have dreams to re-release their albums (one a year) and have considered the possibility of a new recording/reunion tour - Darius, I learned that they merged covers of Lou Reed's Sweet Jane with Joan Armatrading's Love and Affection... called Sweet Jane (With Affection)... on their self-titled debut!

P.S. I'm crazy about Sandra Bernhard's female remake of Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - wish I'd thought to post it for our Gender Benders theme (guess I'll have to wait for Leftovers in late-November... :-)

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