Monday, January 18, 2010

There's Something About Mary: Disappointing Mary

Valentine Smith: Disappointing Mary


The band Valentine Smith (presumably named after the main character in Robert Heinlein's classic Stranger in a Strange Land), released three CDs in the '90s before fading away. "Disappointing Mary" comes from their first, 1994's Back on Earth. The band's catchy, folk-rock sound was enhanced on this track by the cello of "The Ubiquitous" Jane Scarpentoni, who seemingly played on everything recorded in New York City and New Jersey in the '90s.

The song is full of religious references. The narrator seems to be having a crisis of faith: "I looked for answers but was forced to guess". We may all be disappointing Mary, but Mari, I hope we're not disappointing you this week. Happy Birthday!

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