Monday, January 18, 2010

There´s Something About Mary: Oh Mary, Don´t You Weep

When the Soul Stirrers sing gospel, even atheists perk up their ears...
I said that.

At the time they recorded Oh Mary, Don´t You Weep in 1964, the legendary Sam Cooke was no longer a member of the Soul Stirrers. Cooke had left that famous gospel group in ´57 to try his luck stoking the star-maker machinery behind the popular song. And as the pop hits kept coming, Cooke found himself a wealthy man. The first black artist to do so, he started his own label, helping gospel orientated artists as the Womack Brothers, R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders and the group he had just left, the Soul Stirrers.

Oh Mary, Don´t You Weep features Jimmie Outler on lead vocals, a fine singer who´s on record proclaiming that "there ain´t but one person in gospel that could beat me singing, but he´s not in gospel - and that´s Sam".

As a bonus, here´s some priceless studio chatter with Sam Cooke in the producer´s seat for his own SAR Records, instructing the Soul Stirrers before takes.

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