Friday, February 12, 2010

Solitude: Elsewhere

Today's post comes from reader Elaine. Thanks, Elaine!

Sarah McLachlan: Elsewhere


Sarah McLachlan's debut album was a piece of art that touched me as a young woman. I don't know if this song is about choosing solitude for its own joys, or as an escape from something. In my own life, it could mean both, if I think about it.

I believe
this is Heaven to no one else but me
and I'll defend it as long as I can be
left here to linger in silence
if I choose to
would you
try to understand

If you haven't heard this song before, I really would love to hear about your first impressions. If you have, please share your thoughts, too! Are you like me?

Thank you all. I love this blog.

Contributed by Elaine

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