Sunday, February 14, 2010

O Canada: Iggy & Angus

Sloan: Iggy & Angus


I met one of my now best friends back in 2001, about six months after meeting he makes me the best/most favorite mix I've ever received. I'm a fan of making mixes, so I hold this as a pretty big honor. As I can remember, almost everything on it was new to me, and yet I was smiling and enjoying every minute of it. One of the songs included on that mix was this one, Sloan's "Iggy & Angus" (from their 1998 album Navy Blues), and it was my first time ever hearing the band. Since then I've found other songs I like better, but this one holds a place in my heart for being on that mix and being the first.

Sloan got it's start in the mid-90s after meeting in art school in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is now based in Toronto. Many Canadian publications have named some of the albums among the best out of the country, and indeed they do seem to put out consistently good work.

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