Friday, April 9, 2010

Retrospective: Tangerine Speedo

Caviar: Tangerine Speedo

Oh, what an image and song to be posted not only once, but TWICE. But alas, this was a favorite moment for me. It was September of '08 and the theme was clothing. It seemed harmless enough, until mid-week when there was an absurd amount of female flesh appearing in the pictures that went along with the posts. There were body parts sticking out every which way (due to the songs in question and their subject matter) and even the guys were starting to think it a bit much.

Then an e-mail went out about it, how a few here were starting to feel bad about the objectification going on. Being the only active female participant at that time (I think), I felt it my duty to say or do something, so I countered it with some beefcake action. There aren't many songs that allow for such things, but thank goodness for Caviar's ode to the cabana boy "Tangerine Speedo". The original post for it is here. The whole experience that week was one of encouragement and fun, and it felt good to be a part of that. I was glad I was here to be able to give that other side of the story and have it accepted so graciously.

The song is silly (but catchy), and it was before anyone told me about the unwritten "no songs since the millennium" rule, so it wouldn't have made the cut happening now, but oh, it was a funny week. Most of the sexy lady pictures and posts have since disappeared, so sorry to those who might try going back for an eyeful, you'll have to settle for beefcake.

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