Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blank and Blues: Delta Blues

Robert Johnson, front

Blind Lemon Jefferson: Matchbox Blues

Robert Johnson: Stop Breaking Down Blues

Henry Thomas: Bull Doze Blues

Tom Clarence Ashley & Gwen Foster: Rising Sun Blues

Robert Johnson: Crossroads Blues

Blind Willie McTell: Statesboro Blues

We haven't had a quiz lately, have we? Put on your thinking caps, my little Starmakers, and match the original Delta blues song (circa 1920-1930) with the British/U.S. group (circa 1960-1970) that made real money off it covered it. (And Canned Heat not only recorded the song, they also managed to wrangle the copyright to it as well, shame on them).

1. Matchbox Blues (1927)
2. Stop Breaking Down Blues (1937)
3. Bull Doze Blues (1928)
4. Rising Sun Blues (1933)
5. Crossroad Blues (1936)
6. Statesboro Blues (1928)

A. The Animals (1964)
B. Canned Heat (1968)
C. The Beatles (1964)
D. The Rolling Stones (1972)
E. The Allman Brothers (1971)
F. Cream (1968)

highlight for answers: 1=C, 2=D, 3=B, 4=A, 5=F, 6=E

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