Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blank and Blues: Todd Snider Edition

Todd Snider: Statistician's Blues

Every decent folk singer has at least one "Blues" song is his or her repertoire. Todd Snider, it seems, has a few more than his fair share. Both of these tunes come from Snider's 2003 live album Near Truths and Hotel Rooms, and they only represent half of the "Blank and Blues" songs on that album. I could easily post six or seven Snider songs if I wanted to pick through his entire catalogue.

The reason I'm sharing these two songs is because they both represent my favorite aspects of Snider's songwriting. His best tunes always a certain cleverness to them whether it's a simple turn of a phrase or telling a funny story through song... Todd always has a bit of a smart-ass in him. I like it.

Here, Snider laments the unused portion of his brain in "Statistician's Blues" and skewers the popular music of the 1990's in "Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues." Incidentally, "Statistician's Blues" is one of those songs that I would probably play incessantly on the radio if not for the FCC and their rules about language.

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