Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Call Me: New York Telephone Conversation

Lou Reed: New York Telephone Conversation


It seems that a lot of telephone talking (judging by what I overhear on the bus, anyway) deals with "who has" "who did" "...did not!" "...better not!", and all that same stripe of gossip.

It's disheartening.

Lou Reed nails that wearying, spot-on, during the set up of New York Telephone Conversation.

Getting woke up, and deciding whether to answer... is much easier now, what with caller ID, no?

Deciding to answer and finding out it is nothing important, just idle chatter and gossip. No more easier then than now, no?

But then Lou spins it. curing the emotional bend of too-much-talking into what every person who has been in love has ever wanted to hear:

"For I know this night will kill me if I can't be with you."

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