Sunday, October 17, 2010

Call Me: Under My Wheels

Alice Cooper: Under My Wheels


Religions pray for a convert like me. Six months ago I was quite happy with my pre-paid, minimal-minutes phone plan...

Weird circumstance, twin'd with ability, decided that I ought own some Smart Phone...
Now I have trouble waking up without looking at the thing, first thing.

Mostly I use it as a consumer of information... Looking at news, blogs, etc.,... but sometimes I use it as a telephone. Sometimes I get incoming calls, too.

Which wierds me out.

Back when I was a kid, taking calls on our family line always made me nervous. I'd hear the phone down the hall ring... some short silence, then muffled voices. Soft steps getting louder. Knock on the door: "Matthew! Telephone!"

Who'd want to talk to me, I'd trepidate.

I'd have to lift the needle off whichever Cheap Trick or Alice Cooper record I was listening to.

Same way, nowadays, though the delivery is different... a buzzing in my pocket.

But with Caller ID!

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