Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nonsense: Radio Ga Ga


Queen: Radio Ga Ga


I nearly blew off posting this until I checked if this song had been featured here before. I discovered that SMM has never showcased a single Queen song! Eeeeek! Now I have to admit that I didn't jump on the Queen bandwagon for a couple of decades, but once I did, I became a wholehearted enthusiast.

The "Ga Ga" in this song refers to the pointless prattle infesting the airwaves by 1984. That period was well before the advent of AM talk radio and the subsequent decline and fall of western civilization as we know it. Radio has only become more and more a shadow of itself. I finally pulled the plug about 5 years ago when our (and by "our" I mean some faceless production studio in Large Metropolis, USA) best station morphed into all-Dave-Matthews-and- Matchbox 20-all-the-time, with a little Rolling Stones played for the oldsters. Now I hear all my music on the internet, where the variety is astonishing.

The "Ga Ga" is also the source of Lady Gaga's moniker. She's another Queen fan.

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