Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nonsense: The Jabberwocky

Jennie Avila: The Jabberwocky


I can’t let this week end without posting a version of Jabberwocky. After all, what other nonsense poem wound up contributing new words to the English language? But the problem is how to do it. The poem tells a tale of a terrifying monster, so a heavy metal version could make sense. Or perhaps, a sort of ren-fair folk rock approach? Those have been done, but I wanted something else. Lewis Carroll certainly wasn’t being very serious when he included the poem in Through the Looking Glass, or when he had Tweedle Dum explain what some of the words meant. So Jennie Avila took the poem and made a kid’s song out of it, and she didn’t have to change a word. Her light touch is just perfect here.

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