Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleepsongs: Sleep Away Your Troubles

The Softies: Sleep Away Your Troubles


The Softies are what some might call the definition of the term "twee". Two girls, Rose Melberg and Jen Sbragia, of the Pacific Northwest who often wore babydoll dresses and sang sweet, delicate music using only two guitars that harmonized, as did their vocals. They sang of love and friendship and childhood memories all with an innocent beauty, and anything else that could leave you with a warm tingling feeling of nostalgia.

This song comes from their album "Holiday in Rhode Island". The song is lovely, but the subject matter heartbreaking. She sings about a lover potentially leaving her and feeling sad but wishing him sweet dreams as he sleeps away his troubles.

I choose this song after seeing the weather report yesterday and seeing that there's only one day in the next 7 with no chance for snow. I sort of wish we could do like the bears and just sleep until April and not have to worry about all this mess. Wouldn't that be nice?

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