Monday, January 10, 2011

Sleepsongs: I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning

David Bromberg Band: I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning


Like Boyhowdy, I am nocturnal, and like him, I should fix that for similar reasons. So this song seemed to me to be the perfect follow-up to his post. Sleeping late follows directly from being up too late, on a good day.

This song was released on a major label in 1975. Today, that could never happen. Sleep Late starts out sounding like a folk number with a hint of blues. Before it ends, there are gospel-inspired background vocals and Dixieland jazz instruments joining in. David Bromberg’s music of that period also had a strong rock element, but all of it was fair game, sometimes in the same song. Later in his career, Bromberg would also add Celtic folk to the mix. Bromberg is still out there performing, but he doesn’t record much any more. His most recent release, from 2008, was a live recording from 1982. He had a studio album in 2007, and the one before that was from 1990. So I’m hoping to get the chance to see him live one of these days. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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