Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trouble: Lookin’ For Trouble

Steve Goodman: Lookin‘ For Trouble


When I think of Steve Goodman, I think first of his wonderful sense of humor. Next, I think of his warmth, and the love for his characters that comes through in songs like The Dutchman. (Yes, I know Goodman didn’t write The Dutchman, but his performance brings out this quality, and it also shows up in his writing.) At first listen, Lookin’ For Trouble is another matter. Goodman’s base of operations was Chicago, and here that city’s blues comes out through him. But listen again. The song is a piece of advice to someone who might still be able to benefit from it. In this take on the blues, all is not lost. Goodman’s narrator is singing this to someone he wants to help, and what comes through most is how much he cares.

Incidentally, Lookin’ For Trouble is a song that I first encountered in a wonderful performance by Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore. Later, I found an equally wonderful version by Red Molly. Both were too recent to include in this post, but, if you like this, you will want to seek out those versions as well.

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