Sunday, May 8, 2011

Speaking in Tongues: Hyeonshileui Hyeonshil


Nell: Hyeonshileui Hyeonshil (Reality of Realities)


Darius might as well have sent up a flare this week saying, "Geoviki, go wild!" And I shall, whether he wanted me to or not, heh.

This is more of a drive-by, though, and even though your first guess might have been "J-Rock", it's not (just wait a day or two….). It's K-Rock. Korean rock. The genre is kind of a lone wolf in some ways. Korean music currently hosts a flourishing pop scene, and I'm just starting to dabble in some of the K-pop groups, so I'll spare you for the moment. Korean fans look to Japan (and the west, of course) for a lot of their straight-up rock.

Nell is one of the better known Korean indie rock groups. Their influences are British bands like Radiohead, Muse, and Coldplay. This song's more of a ballad, so the rock angle is diminished, but me, I love those guys who can sing falsetto, so this is the song I'm sharing. Hope you like it too.

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