Monday, May 9, 2011

Speaking in Tongues: Ta Tudo Certo - Mas Que Nada

tania maria

Tania Maria: Ta Tudo Certo - Mas Que Nada


Tania Maria (not to be confused with R&B singer Teena Marie) is a renowned Brazilian jazz vocalist/pianist and a longtime favorite musician of mine. She started playing music with her dad's small band as a teen, took a side trip into law school, and quickly returned to her first love in the late 1960's. She's been a fixture in Brazilian jazz ever since (currently touring Europe, if you're lucky enough to catch her live).

I thrashed around for two days deciding which of her many wonderful songs to present and finally settled on this. I do like her earlier albums quite a bit, but this one showcases her at her best, sounding relaxed, confident, and energetic. Ta Tudo Certo (Everything Is Fine) is a self-penned tune with a swinging samba rhythm that segues nicely into Jorge Ben Jor's hit, Mas Que Nada (No Way!).

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